Compliance and Safety

Premium quality trailers, heavy duty design, and built tough to last season after season.

Our highest priority is the safety and compliance of our products.  Safety always comes before productivity and product design and standards integrity are pivotal to our success.

Our Comb Trailers come standard with the following features.

  • Brakes on all Wheels
  • Safety Flags
  • Oversize Signage
  • LED Lighting, Beacons, Rear Directional.
  • Side Markers. 


Designers, Manufacturers & Suppliers

The OSH Act and the MSI Act set out broad duties for those who design, manufacture, import or supply plant or machinery to ensure they are safe. The OSH Regulations and the MSI Regulations also contain specific requirements for these people.

Designers, have a responsibility to assess and control the risks associated with the plant or machinery they design and provide safety information about them to manufacturers.

Manufacturers of machinery and plant have a responsibility, to follow the designer’s specifications precisely to ensure they are as free from risks as the designer intended. Under some conditions, for example if the designer is outside Western Australia, the manufacturer in Western Australia takes on the designer’s responsibility to make sure the risks associated with the design are assessed and controlled.

The manufacturer also has a responsibility to provide kinds of safety information to users of that machinery, equipment or plant manufactured.

People who import machinery and plant into Western Australia take on the responsibility of the designer and manufacturer to ensure the risks associated with the plant are assessed and controlled and provide the required safety information to users.

Suppliers of machinery and plant are responsible for making sure the risks to safety and health from the plant they supply are eliminated or minimised. Suppliers who also import the plant & equipment they supply, take on the importer’s responsibility to ensure the whole risk management process is carried out.



Explanations to some of the items discussed on this website.


The Road Vehicle Regulator (ROVER) system integrates all applications and approvals under the new Road Vehicle Standards (RVS) legislation.  In effect as of July 1st 2021.  ROVER sits within the Federal department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications. The implementation of ROVER federally controls all Australian States and Territories.


ADR Compliance

The Australian Design Rules  are national standards for vehicle safety. The ADRs are generally performance based and cover issues such as occupant protection, structures, lighting, noise, engine exhaust emissions, braking and a range of miscellaneous items.

The ADR also states that, the towing vehicle must be equal to or greater than the Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM), combined trailer load and trailer tare weight.  Single beam Header Comb Trailer of ATM6000kgs + greater,  Dual beam Header Comb Trailer of ATM9000kgs + greater.



Publications in the Vehicle Standards Bulletin (VSB) series provide information on the design, manufacture, sale, modification, maintenance, import and repair of road vehicles for industry and other clients.

The term ‘road vehicles’ includes both motor vehicles and trailers.



For fabrication welding, structural engineering will specify AS-1554. & AS-4100.  This means you need not only a Certification 3 in Welding / Boilermaking, but also a tradesperson who has been tested in the last six months to the weld procedures approved by a NATA laboratory.



Hot-rolled structural product with minimum yield strength of 250MPa, good ductility and good weldability.


AS/NZS 3679.1-300

A medium strength structural steel product with nominal yield strength of 300 MPa



Specifies the requirements for the production and supply of cold-formed, electric resistance-welded, steel hollow sections used for structural purposes. It considers three strength grades, with or without impact properties, that are suitable for welding.



C350 – a maraging alloy steel containing 12.0% cobalt and 4.8% molybdenum.


D: 100KN

Load specification Class D design loads exceed AS5100.2 requirements.


SHS Steel

Square Hollow Section  as the name suggests is square steel with a hollow core and is painted black Steel, AS1163/C350LO. SHS come in a range of wall heights and thicknesses.


RHS Steel

Rectangular Hollow Section as the name suggests is rectangular steel with a hollow core and is painted black Steel, AS1163/C350LO. SHS come in a range of wall heights and thicknesses.



High Tensile chain is widely used because of its “strength-to-link” factor: Its working load limit is nearly twice that of BBB chain, and it has the highest weight-to-working load ratio.


Please read our Heavy Duty Header Comb Transport Trailer Manual

Header Comb Transport Trailer Operators Manual